Typsy Gypsy Band, Alton Illinois
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2015 Tyspy Gypsy Schedule:

Saturday, May 2
- 6-10pm
Wild Picken's Winery
Just North of Brighton, IL

Saturday, May 16
- 8pm- 12am
Elijah P's Pub   Alton, IL

Thursday, July 16 - 7-9pm
Music in the Park   Grafton, Illnois

Saturday, June 20 - 6-10pm 
Wild Picken's Winery Just North of Brighton, Ilinois



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Typsy Gypsy is a 6 piece all female cover band based in Alton, Illinois and formed in 2010. They play everything from Dixie Chics to Dylan and Rock Mafia to Pink. Typsy Gypsy typically performs at wineries, concert series, special events, private parties, along with several volunteer events that they are closely connected to.

Members include: Cara McGuire-lead vocalist, Valerie Baumann-bass & vocals, Sara McGibany-guitar, Sarah Shewmake-guitar & vocals, Billie Baumann- drums, and Jennifer Hayden-fiddle, mandolin & keyboard. E-mail us to request a demo or book a show.

Saturday, June 27 - 7-11pm 
Big Kahuna, Grafton, IL

Sunday, Oct 18 - 2-6pm
Wild Picken's Winery 
Just North of Brighton, IL

Saturday, Oct 24 - 4-8pm
Piasa Pub & Winery• Grafton, IL

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